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New Format

Hey everyone!

As you could probably tell, I’m not really going with the ‘week at a time’ thing for themes. I’m going to change how I do this. My new goal is to have at least seven posts regarding that theme, by the end of each week. But if I get super motivated and inspired I might get them done early and move on. Especially since I am on summer break, I have quite a lot of free time to sit in a café for a couple hours somewhere and write.

If I post five pieces on the first day, I probably won’t have very many ideas left for that theme by the time the week is almost over. So, that being said, keep requesting new themes whenever you get an idea and I might get there quicker. Just knowing that I have active readers makes me even more excited to wake up in the morning and write!

As always please read and share! The more readers I get, the closer I come to potentially becoming a published writer. Thanks for all your support!


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