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Physical Features #1

Just a small note before this piece, I’d like to thank everyone who sent in their requests for a new theme! I had a few to choose from and I thought that “Physical Features” would be very interesting. So please read and share as we start the new intriguing theme!




The ocean waves could never compare,

To the eyes I saw when I caught your stare.

Captivating like the sky,

I couldn’t simply just walk by.

I stopped and smiled and said hello,

And when she spoke her whole face glowed.

She walked as if she owned the town,

Her long legs swept like an unhemmed gown.

I couldn’t speak I stuttered and spat,

I mumbled “sorry” and she just laughed.

“You’re doing fine,” she said so sweet,

But all I do is trip over my feet.

I gained my confidence one word at a time,

And soon the afternoon was flying by.

I can’t remember a thought I inquired,

Her skin was distracting like the flames of a fire.

She made me tingle when her hand brushed my arm,

All I heard in my head were ringing alarms,

That told me to ask her out on a date,

But my stuttering self said that I should just wait.

Maybe she was out of my league,

She was perfect and I was just me.

She had curves and I had flaws,

She knew what to do and I was lost.

Iridescent is what she was,

Confident, glowing and humorous.

Everything about her was great,

So I finally decided to ask her on a date.

To my surprised she smiled and said,

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask all day”

I got her number and I tried to hide

My enthusiasm for Saturday night.

She kissed my cheek and I turned beet red,

“See you Saturday!” she waved and said.

I watched her as she walked away,

Her hips had such an intoxicating sway.

I couldn’t believe what just happened here,

Because she was iridescent and I was just me.





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