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Physical Features #2

“Blue Is The Warmest Color” Title inspired by the 2013 film

He sat alone at a table for two looking quite distressed. He was nervously shaking his left leg under the table and constantly looking up when the café door opened. By the look of disappointment on his face, I could tell that whoever walked in wasn’t who he was waiting for. He fidgets with his hands a lot, like me. For me it’s an anxiety thing, for him, he just looked impatient and distraught. One thing about this boy that caught my eye, were his. His eyes were pure ocean blue. They weren’t a solid tone. There were light shades and dark shades and everything in between. There were greens and yellows and maybe even a hint of indigo. They swirled with desperation like storm clouds rolling over a city. As the sun sank lower in the sky, he sank too. His eyes were the gateway to his emotions and I admired that. He could only be as closed off and cold as his eyes would let him. Anyone that looked would see right through him. Anyone that looked at him in this moment could see the look of defeat in his deep, dark, desperate eyes. I felt sorry for whatever happened to him. He showed true pain. The light suddenly returned to his entire being as his phone buzzed on the table. I couldn’t quite hear what the conversation was about, but I heard him say, “I won’t put up with this anymore,” and he hung up the phone aggressively. A pinch of pain greeted my heart when I saw tears forming in the boy’s eyes. He was too beautiful to cry. And I was too nervous to talk to him. He wouldn’t even pay attention to such an unusual boy like me. So as much as I felt guilty for not consoling him, I let him walk away. I’ll always remember the boy with the enchanting ocean blue eyes.


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