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Physical Features #3

“The Fight of Life”

When she looks in the mirror,

She only sees flaws.

She doesn’t see beauty,

Doesn’t like it at all.

Hips too wide,

Arms to thin,

Face too chubby,

She’ll never win.

Life is harsh,

Everyone’s a critic,

Watching each step,

Waiting for you to trip.

Double zero,

The ideal size,

You can’t have pizza

Because it goes to your thighs.

If you don’t starve,

You don’t fit in.

Is actually being healthy

Now considered a sin?

You’re wrong,

And the host is right.

Listen to them

If you want to lose the fight.

Life is the fight,

Society the host,

Who can make themselves

Throw up the most?

A pound overweight,

And you’re disqualified.

They don’t consider the people,

Who actually try,

To live life good,

And keep going strong.

If you’re not skinny,

You’re doing it wrong.

That’s what they tell you,

And it’s not right.

Just be yourself,

And you’ll win your own fight.



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