poetry · writing

Physical Features #4

“Mystery Grin”

Her lips curled upwards in the corner a bit before she masked her smile. There was something about her hidden amusement that caught my eye. And something about me, caught hers. But she wouldn’t let herself show it. I’ve seen this mysterious girl four days in a row at this miniscule coffee shop I have loved since I moved here. The music is moody and always fits the weather for some weird reason. It smelled of coffee, chocolate and banana loaf and it always made me buy treats I didn’t need or want. The atmosphere intoxicated me. Regardless of the music, weather or mouth-watering scents, the mystery girl remained the same every time I saw her. We would share a glance and after she darted her eyes away, I saw a small fraction of a smile form on her clear face. She always had her knees tucked up to her chest, holding her coffee close to her, slowly taking a sip every minute or so. She never met anyone here, or had work to do like I did quite often. She simply just took her time drinking whatever it was she ordered that day and stared out the window with an occasional look at me. I know it must have been her smile that got me every time. It told me that she was intrigued, but holding back for some reason. I didn’t want her to hold back. I wanted to see a big grin on her face when I hold the door open for her. I want to know that she is happy to see me again this morning. I decided that today was going to be the day. When she walked in and got her usual table, I stood up with confidence and walked over to her. My heart was pounding but I knew this was going to work for me. I took a deep breath. “Hey.” It was a simple phrase, but her face lit up and she couldn’t hide it this time. Her smile was radiant and the whole shop seemed to glow in her presence. “I’ve been waiting for you to say that all week.”


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